Missouri Bison Association Welcomes you!

This website provides you with information about the activities of MoBA, the bison industry, and people who can help you with questions you may have. Be sure to check our events page so you won't miss exciting happenings.

Members receive newsletters to keep up to date on the industry and other members as well as the events. The cost to join is still only $35 per year.

Learn about bison and meet the folks who raise them, find where to buy buffalo meat,  or find a mentor for new producers - MoBA is the place for you!

Our Website

The Missouri Bison Association (MOBA) is a membership organization dedicated to the preservation, expansion and promotion of the American Bison and the bison industry. If you have an interest in raising Bison or purchasing bison products, we invite you to join our organization. You do not need to be a Missouri resident.

MoBA Board of Directors
President: Peter Kohl  816-585-4779  kcbuffaloco@sbcglobal.net
Vice-Pres:  Peter Kohl  816-585-4779  kcbuffaloco@sbcglobal.net 
Secretary/Treas:  Open
Director: Brandon Badgley  660-624-0096 Badgleyb@compassminerals.com
Director: Rod Nussbaum  417-589-2525  rodsyssvc@aol.com
Director: Danny Obert 417-209-7708  danny-obert@hotmail.com
Director: Larry Plumlee 785-776-1271  plumleeranch@hotmail.com




Two bison auctions are hosted by MoBA each year, one in the fall and the other in spring. The auctions provide  a place where producers network, learn, make friends, and see animals from other herds.